Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Special Day with Ada

Thanks again, friends, for your encouraging words about Ada's bedtime and my mothering.  Let me tell you, I feel mostly inadequate and like I am just stumbling along in the dark when it comes to mothering, so I do pray about it a lot, out of necessity;)  And Ada and I both fell asleep tonight while Scott was praying at bedtime, but I woke up and Ada settled back down, so that is two nights in a row when I did not have to lie down with her.  Thank you for answered prayer, Lord!!!

Well...I am quite the weekend blogger, aren't I?  Our car is still in the shop with questions marks all around about what the problem might be.  They have ordered a part in hopes that it will fix things, but there are no guarantees.  However, our kind pastor is allowing me to use his car for a couple of days, so that I am not stuck at home.  Thank you, Means family!!  I am so appreciative.  My heart sunk a bit when I realized I was facing yet another week with no transportation.  March was a bit rough on our family, as we ushered it in with Ada's seizures and hospital stay, and it ended with multiple car issues, which is never easy on the budget.  However, I have felt love and cared for by friends and family in a huge way this month, and what a gigantic blessing that is.  Scott and I are being taken care of, indeed, in a very tangible way.  Again, thank you, Lord for these relationships you have given us.

But, what I really wanted to blog about is the special day that Ada had.  Her ballet teacher was performing in Cinderella, which was obviously a must-see for us.  So right after church and lunch, we got in the car with a couple of friends from church who are in ballet with Ada, and we headed to the "theater" for the afternoon.

The ballet was beautiful, and Ada loved it, though she did begin to tire out at the end.  I was very impressed with the performance, and afterwards the little girls were invited on stage to chat with the cast.  Because it was the matinee, there was a special price for children, so it was a young audience.  There were many eager young girls wanting to meet these dancers face to face.

First we excitedly said hello to Ada's dance teacher--a teenager that goes to church with us.

And then the girls got to meet Cinderella herself.  There was actually quite the line waiting for a picture with the star of the show, and Ada kept trying to jump ahead.  She couldn't seem to understand why she wasn't allowed to just walk right up to her.  Here is Ada and her sweet friend Lucy with Cinderella.
It was a special day, and I am so glad Ada was able to experience it. 

We left the boys at home, as Scott is not a fan of ballet.  In fact, for our first married Valentine's, Scott gave me tickets to see The Great Gatsby performed as a ballet at the Fox Theatre.  After the opening number, Scott leaned over and asked when they were going to talk.  I had to inform him that they weren't going to talk because it was, you know, a ballet!!!!  So tonight, as we were getting Ada to bed, and she was still talking about the day, Scott asked again, "did they talk at all?"  He can't understand the purpose if they don't talk;)


Mary Ann said...

Loved this post!!!! I love ballet. The pictures of Ada are just too adorable. Too funny that Scott can't quite understand why there is no talking in a ballet.

Elizabeth said...

Those are so very adorable. I love the look and the smile on Ada's face and the way she's holding that program or whatever it is. I notice that she and her friend, Lucy, don't have their little sandaled feet up on their toes like the Cinderella ballerina does. :-)

too cute!