Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Weekend

I had to post this picture because I did not tell Ada to pose, she just did this little stance as soon as she saw that my phone was about to snap a picture.  I think she is destined for a sorority at Auburn;) 

Ada was my grocery shopping partner in crime on Saturday morning while John napped and Scott finished painting the kitchen.  (The breakfast room and hallway are next on the list.  Slowly but surely, we are getting it done).

It was a good weekend after our crazy week.  Relaxing and productive. 

We ended the weekend by hanging out with some friends tonight, and we got home later than we usually do.  Ada was so tired, that she crawled into bed, shoes and all, and fell asleep while I was filling the bathtub with water.  Scott woke her up, and she cried and cried all through her bath because she was so tired.  However, she was filthy, filthy, and I couldn't stomach the thought of her going to sleep with no bath.  I always say, it's a good day for a child if they are covered in dirt at the end of it.  Right? 

And now we are hoping for some answers tomorrow--both from the car mechanic and the dermatologist...we'll see.  Come on Monday, be good to us, please.

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Jessica said...

i had to laugh at that first funny how she just "snapped" into that pose..yes, most possibly Auburn soroity girl! so cute!