Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am blogging from Alabama.

We (Ada, John, and I) are here for the week, and Scott will be joining us this coming weekend.  I have not been home since Christmas, so it is good to be here.  It is just getting harder and harder to travel with the two kiddos and with life so established in Georgia.  But, with a shift in my tutoring schedule, it was a good time to get away for the week.  Plus life has been crazy lately, and home always seems a good remedy for that.

Scott drove us here on Friday, and we were even able to go on an early 5th anniversary date in Huntsville last night.  Thanks, mom and dad!!!  We didn't do much--walked around Bridge Street and had a very yummy dinner at Cantina Laredo.   We ended the night at Madison Square Mall (and I felt like I was 16 again--who else spent all of their high school weekends at Madison Square Mall?  I know some of you did).  Why were we there, you ask?  Because I need a charger for my cell phone, and the GPS led us there.  Seriously, it made me laugh that I was celebrating my 5th anniversary at this place that marked so many significant teenage moments.  Okay, so the celebrating was done more at Bridge Street, but you know what I mean.

But, after five years, I can honestly say that, though it's nice to go to dinner with just Scott (such a rare treat), I don't mind spending our evenings at home.  I love Friday and Saturday nights, when the kids are in bed, and we crash onto the couch to watch a movie or catch up on HULU (we don't have cable, so we catch up on shows online).

Anyway, our anniversary isn't until the 29th, so I will talk more about that later.

Really, we are here to celebrate cousins--Ellie's birthday tomorrow (six!!) and Luke's T-ball game tomorrow night and dying Easter eggs later in the week--much cousin time is in the plans.

We also hope to see Mae-Mae and Pop at some point before we head back to GA.

Lots to do, lots to do.

I hope to be back with pictures through out the week, since I have access to mom's wonderful camera while I am at home.   And that is what we are up to this week.

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Mary said...

I DID ! I DID!! Mike worked at Arthur Treacher's in the food court, my sister worked at Casual Corner, Mike's sister worked at Kabob's and I worked at David's Cookies in Parisian. But on the nights we were off, look out...we were stalkin' the mall (or the "Supermall" as some of my friends called it), hangin' in the food court. So cool. (not!) haha!!!