Friday, April 22, 2011

More Pictures

We are still here in Alabama.

I have been back to Huntsville today to have a skin biopsy done.  Hopefully, hopefully, this will provide some definite answers.  The dermatologist that I am seeing in Huntsville is WONDERFUL, and I am so thankful to be in such capable hands.  I am weary of this thing that is taking over my feet and hands.  The doctor actually thinks that things are already clearing up, so the biopsy is sort of a "just-to-make-sure" kind of thing.  That way, as I make my way back to ATL, she can deal with any results over the phone.

Mom, the kids, and I decided to make an afternoon of it, and after lunch at Panera (and a couple of other stops), John fell asleep in his car seat.  Wanting him to stay asleep, and having a half an hour to kill before my appointment, mom drove Ada and me to Gigi's cupcakes.  While mom sat in the car with a sleeping John, Ada and I feasted on these.

Ada only ate icing, by the way.  My cupcake was called "wedding cake," and it was divine.  The icing is a bit overwhelming, though.  Goodness gracious it's a lot of sugar.

As for the last few days, well my two kiddos have been overflowing with rascal.  Ada has been in trouble constantly because of disobedience and a bad attitude.  And John, well who knows what he will be like at 3 1/2 because he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed 50% of the time.  This morning was one of those "wrong side of the bed" kind of days.  Here are a few images of John and his temper.  In the below pictures, John, in his baby language, was begging to go outside.  He didn't respond well when we said no.

When the back door wasn't working, he moved on to a front window.  "Maybe I can get out there this way," he ponders...

What else have we been up to this week?  Well we attempted to dye Easter eggs, which we did do, but Ada's whiny attitude was right there with us.  You can see it written all over her face, can't you?
She ended up "losing candy" yesterday, which just meant she could have no candy the rest of the day.  (I  know that sounds as if Ada just eats candy all day long, but she really doesn't.  She has a little stash right now from this past Sunday's Easter egg hunt).  Losing the candy privilege seemed to work better than anything else I have tried, though her bad attitude still tried to rear it's head a time or two.  She is trying my patience, indeed.

A few times, at the end of the day, mom came to my rescue by scooping the kids up and taking them outside.  Fresh air is always a good way to diffuse a tense situation!!!  And Ada loves a chance to dig in the dirt.

Scott will be here tomorrow (woo-hoo!!!), and we will spend a large portion of the day visiting with his parents.  Ada is super excited to see Mae-Mae and Pop!!

And currently, I am at home with John while the rest of the family--including Ada--is at a Seder meal in anticipation of the Easter Holiday. (I tried to find a good link to explain the Seder Meal, but I didn't know what link accurately described it).  I planned to go, but stinker-pie John hardly napped at all today, so he is in bed already, at the early hour of 6:30.  I am actually basking in the quiet right now.  (Like I said, Ada, whom I love dearly, has drained me a bit this week).

I hope to be back before Sunday with a few thoughts on anticipating Easter, but I sort of doubt that I will get around to it.  Sadly, my time with mom's mac computer and nice camera is coming to an end;)  If I don't get back...Happy Easter, everyone!!!  He has conquered death--Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!!


Jessica said...

I can so relate with the disobedience problems. I AM ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND with my kids. I actually sorta lost it today! Glad your skin is clearing up and you found someone who could point you in the right direction. Enjoy your Easter weekend! Looking forward to catching up!

Mary said...

I am looking forward to catching up too! Hope you had a great Easter!