Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Conversations with Ada

First though, before I get to the conversations with Ada, here is a picture of the homemade strawberry banana muffins that I made this morning.  I had a couple of friends coming over to talk couponing while our children played, and I wanted to have a snack in case anyone was hungry.  I had a few very ripe bananas, so I found a recipe for banana muffins in a betty crocker cookbook.  I decided to cut up some fresh strawberries in hopes that John would love the muffins and would get in a serving or two of fruit for the day.

I loved the muffins, the other kids loved the muffins--Ada, Hannah, and Grant, in fact they ate two each, but John wouldn't even take one bite.  Not even one bite.  What in the world?  I almost used whole wheat flour, but I didn't since I was serving these to friends, and I wanted to make sure they tasted good and not too "wheat-like."  So, they were white flour, strawberry-banana muffins.  What's not to like?

He is a stinker to the core!!!!

Anyway...here is a picture to accompany Ada conversations.  This was her other pose from the other day.

(I know that my pictures are so bad.  They are all from my phone.  I am praying that a really nice camera will just drop out of the sky...I'll let you know if God answers that one.)

Scott pointed out on his blog that I never blog about Ada conversations anymore, so I am bringing them back.

 Okay, first conversation.  We were in the car today running some errands...

Ada:  "I wish we could paint our car pink."
Me:  "That is a fun idea..."
Ada:  "We could paint it pink and decorate it with carrots."
Me:  "With carrots?!"
Ada:  "Yeah, and then we could drive our pink, carrot car."
Me:  "That would be fun..."
Ada:  "Can we paint it pink today?"

She was 100% serious, and at that point, I had to break it to her that we were never going to be able to paint the car pink or decorate it with carrots(?!!!).

Conversation two...

Ada:  "I want to go see a dragon.  A shooting dragon."
Me:  "A shooting dragon?"
Ada:  "Like this," and she made a hissing noise.
Me:  "It shoots fire?" (a fire-breathing dragon, perhaps?)
Ada:  "Yes, and it's pink."
Me:  "Where do we go to see this?"
Ada, with absolute conviction: "At the zoo."

The other night, while the family was out running errands...

Ada:  "Mom, when is your stomach going to get big again?  I want a baby sister."  (As if I just randomly wake up one day with a big stomach, and that's how God gives us babies)
Me:  "You want me to have another baby?"
Ada:  "Yes, five baby girls."
Me:  "Wow, you want me to have lots of babies."
Ada:  "Yeah, I want you to go to the hospital.  I like the hospital because I like the elevators there." 

Obviously hospital elevators are a great reason to have five!!!! more babies.

Ada, looking at some of my stemware in my kitchen hutch.

Ada:  "are these new?"
Me:  "no"
Ada:  "are they special?"
Me:  "they are special."
Ada:  "who handed them to you?"
Me:  "they were a wedding gift."
Ada:  loud gasp..."for your birthday?!!"
Me:  "No, for getting married.  People give you gifts when you are getting married."
Ada:  thinking for a minute..."like rings?"

She's my funny, funny girl.  Really.  She makes me laugh everyday. 


Corrie said...

aren't they funny?! conversations in the car are the best! it's amazing how their little minds think and process things!

OH and my girls love the hospital because they get to ride the train! lol it's a shuttle thing that goes back and forth between main and womens.

Jessica said...

oh i love those little conversations...how cute! Grant wants a blue dog one day. He's convinced he will get one. Hannah expresses also her desire to have a pink or purple car...minus the carrots!

Mary Ann said...

I love, love, love the Ada conversations. Also, your pictures are not bad. Please don't stop posting your phone pictures.

Beth said...

Love those conversations--they remind me of ones that happen at my house! We have the "more babies" conversation at least 2-3 times a week, except that Lily wants me to have a boy baby and three more girl babies. Her rationale is that if we fill up our car with babies, we can get a bigger one. Where do they come up with these things? :-)

Esther Bratton said...

HahHahaha! I love conversations with Ada!

Mary said...

She is hilarious! Speaking of babies...Abbie & Irene have been telling me lately that I should go in the bedroom to watch more TV with daddy (sad to say, the only spot in the house for a TV is in our bedroom) because they really want a baby sister / brother. Hmmm. Then I figured out it was my very simple "birds and bees" talk with them...I had told them that babies are made because God gives them to moms and dads when they love each other very much and spend lots of time together. It's hard to think like a kid thinks!!! haha!

Margaret said...

Those muffins look delicious!