Monday, August 4, 2008

Birthday Hoopla and other happenings

We are gearing up for the big day here at the Moore house. We just returned from Target where we purchased the necessary birthday "gear" including a very cute birthday hat for Ada to wear in pictures. We also made a Brandsmart run to buy a new memory card for our camera to insure plenty of picture taking. Hopefully I will be able to post photos again soon. I am loving this part of being a mom, planning the birthday and all. It makes me feel like a child again. I am already gearing up for Halloween and Christmas. I am so excited for Ada to finally be at an age where she can semi enjoy these things. I will be back tomorrow or the next day with more birthday details, but for now I just have a quick Ada story.

This afternoon before we left to go to Target, I was sitting in the living room just hanging out with Scott and his parents, and Ada was playing with her toys on the floor. Well apparently she decided she was bored with that set up because all of a sudden she brought one flip flop over to me and tried to put in on my foot, then she went back, picked up the other one and brought it to me, and then once I had them on my feet, she said "bye-bye" as she waved. I guess she was ready for an outing. It was so funny. And of course, we catered to her wishes, and off we went. Really I needed to go to the places mentioned above, but she just hurried the trip along. I guess she gets tired of being inside the house as much as I do.


Amanda said...

Looking forward to the birthday pictures!!!

Lindsay said...

Man, she is too cute! I am loving that she is getting to that age where she does cute little things like that!

Ashley said...

Can't wait to hear of the birthday happenings! How fun! And, I cannot believe she is ONE year old! Where does time go??

PS. Where is ANN?? She has not blogged in decades!

Milla said...

I can't wait to see pictures, too! fun fun!

ann said...

That story is sooo funny. Isn't it fun to plan a little birthday party? You're right, it is even more fun when they get older and are excited. And we are still just on the tip of it, really. But Ellie's birthday this year was the most fun. Wish I could be there today!

Amanda-I know I have fallen off the face of the blogworld! I do have a new post, believe it or not. Things have been insanely crazy trying to get our house finished!