Monday, August 18, 2008

Diet Coke Withdrawals, Extra Long Naps, and a whole new wardrobe=Life in Scottsboro

So we have been here since Sunday, and the diet coke reduction is going okay. I have decided that I will no longer purchase diet coke at the store, that way if I want it I have to actually get in the car and drive somewhere to get it. And I can only afford so many fountain drinks a day. Hopefully this will make the whole process a little bit easier. I have been drinking lots more water, but I am not sure how much all of this is helping. We'll see.

Ada is also adjusting well to being here instead of her own home. I was a little nervous about having nights by myself because Scott is much better at letting her cry it out. However, I had enough sense to know that if I gave in on night one, we would have a terrible week, so I stood my ground through two middle of the night wake ups, and since then it hasn't been so bad. She still wakes up at least once a night, but I just go in there and lie her back down, and we all go back to sleep. Plus, today, she took a 3 1/2 hour nap. I think she would have kept sleeping, but I thought that if I let her sleep longer than that she would never go to sleep tonight. Yea for a long afternoon of rest for me!!

And the best part of Scottsboro so far--last night Ann gave me all of her non-maternity clothes to wear while she is pregnant. Basically I received an entire fall and winter wardrobe for FREE!! Yea for sisters that are my same size. I told her we should just keep doing this--once she has this baby, I will proceed with baby number two and we can switch again. I get the maternity clothes and she gets the non-maternity clothes. It's a great system that saves lots of money. Ada is certainly thankful for all of the clothes she has borrowed from Ellie!! Seriously, though, I have been wanting to invest in some new fall clothes so badly, and I am oh so thankful that I am borrowing these for free. Dave Ramsey would approve, I think.


Amy said...

For the past couple of years I have yo-yo'd between being addicted to Diet Coke and being off of it, and everywhere in between. Currenlty, I have 1 a day. I drink it first thing in the morning- I roll out of bed and go grab my coke. (actually coke zero is my drink of choice). It always took me about a week of tiredness and bad headaches to be un-addicted. I am planning on going to no coke, but I just can't get myself to do it. Coke is bad for me because I get migraines and it contributes to them.

Milla said...

Oh man, that's amazing! And, Ann's clothes will be so cute, too, I'm sure! I like that idea... I need to talk to Krisan about this plan, and we could also coordinate pregnancies in order to work it out :)

Stephanie said...

Good idea about not buying diet coke...because if you don't have it in the house than it isn't as hard to refrain! :) And yea for Ada's long nap! Oh that is great that you can use Ann's clothes! I bet they are cute because Ann always looks so cute! :)

ESS the MESS said...

hmmm...very lucky to have sisters your size. My mother and both my sister in laws are a good four inches (or more) shorter than me so I don't believe there will be much sharing :)Good luck with the diet coke, I'm very impressed considering how addicted I am to coffee. Hope to see you this weekend!