Friday, August 8, 2008

So many reasons that today has been a great day

Number one reason that today has been so good--fall is in the air. The humidity was low and a breeze was blowing, so much so that I was able to make it from the house to the car without breaking a sweat. Oh how the day hinted at fall, and I was just overcome with excitement. I just can't wait for cooler weather and all that comes with it.

In addition to the wonderful weather, Ada and I joined three other moms and their kids for a little play time this morning. Yes, it's true, two play dates in one week. I have always been an introvert, or so I thought, but this first year of Ada's life has been an incredibly lonely one for me, at times even making me feel slightly depressed and unmotivated, but I feel like I am seeing a break in all of the isolation, and it makes me feel almost giddy with relief. I don't know if the loneliness is just part of the first year or if it is a result of our February move. I can't put my finger on all the reasons. All I know is that I welcome any and all contact with the world outside of the four walls of my home, and the Lord is showering me with relationship opportunities lately. In fact, on Tuesday I will be joining a group of McDonough moms for breakfast, and on Wednesday there is a library reading time for toddlers that Ada and I will be going to, where I will hopefully meet even more moms. It really is crazy. One day there was no way for me to connect with anyone, and all of a sudden there are opportunities abounding.

And the final reason that today was a fun day, I had a little birthday money to burn. My birthday is on Tuesday--the big 26--and my sweet aunt Mary Ann (my mom's sister) sent me some early birthday money. Thanks so much, Mary Ann. It has been so much fun figuring out what to buy, and I decided to get a few casual everyday dresses from Target and Gap Outlet. It was a tough call to make because I also considered ordering several books that I have had my eye on or even buying a starter set of Bare Minerals Make up, but the dresses were the biggest need, and I found some great deals, so the money stretched farther than I expected. I ended up with 4 new dresses!!! Again, thanks so much, Mary Ann!!

All in all, the day has made me so eager for all that fall holds for Ada and me. I only bought dresses that could transition into boot and sweater weather, and the breeze that was blowing hinted at days spent outside. I just can't wait for trips to pumpkin patches and Christmas tree farms and just simply enjoying the outdoors without dying from the heat. Yea for fall and all that it brings!!


rhodes1 said...

Hey, just wanted to say that I just watched the video of Ada on her birthday, and it was so adorable! I couldn't believe how well she is walking, crazy!

Julia said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Amy Eaton's...thanks for sharing about meeting people. It is encouraging! We are in Minnesota (from GA) and it has been tough with a baby, but I'm hoping as our baby gets older we will meet more people!

Julia (

Mary Ann said...

Laura Beth,
You are welcome for the birthday money. I am always glad that to know that the postal service successfully delivered the mail. The pictures of the breakfast outing are great.

Love you,
Mary Ann