Friday, August 29, 2008

Kroger comes through once again

Friday is payday in the Moore house, and this week we were especially eager for pay day to get here. Despite my best efforts, meals this week have been rather drab, and one night I even opted for a big bowl of stove popped popcorn over the meal I had planned. Scott and Ada ate leftovers that night. So, armed with this week's grocery money, and a little extra padding of the budget thanks to my sweet aunt Mary Ann who sent me a check in the mail "just because" (THANK YOU, Mary Ann, it was GREATLY appreciated!!!) Ada and I headed to Kroger first thing this morning ready to load up the kitchen with ingredients for some yummy make ahead recipes. I read several blogs of moms who are also working hard to save money and still feed their families well. Many suggest stocking the freezer with meals for days and weeks when you just need to pull something out and heat it up. With that in mind, I am making two Southern Living casserole recipes this week, and I plan to freeze half of each. I most likely will start making something like this at least once a week until the freezer is good and stocked, that way when we face another tight money week, I will have something to fall back on other than whatever happens to be in the pantry.

So, off to Kroger we went, and I walked away paying less than 100.00 for enough ingredients to make a total of 9 meals, plus basic stuff like milk, south beach bars (I know these are not very frugal, but I love a convenient breakfast and these are loaded with protein. At least they were on sale 2 for 6), and bottled water. You know the daily necessities for the week. Even after splitting the casseroles in order to freeze half, I really think that one will be enough for two nights, so we will eat those for four nights this week, and the amount in the freezer should be enough for four more meals. I am so excited. Once again, I did have a few coupons to use--one for yogurt (I always have these, and I am so glad because we eat yogurt a lot), one for flavored water, and one for a jar of fruit, which Ada will eat. Plus, I received even more coupons with my receipt, including another one for pampers--YEA!!

I really am a Kroger fan. I just think the savings add up. The more I shop there, the more coupons I get, and the more I save. Plus, I always get coupons that I need. Love it.

For more money saving ideas, check out Frugal Friday over at Biblical Womanhood.


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Great job! We like freezer meals as well. I do quite a few of them.

Brooke said...

i love shopping at kroger too. and i'm looking forward to getting a bigger freezer next week so i can do make ahead meals.

The Slagleys said...

Nice Job at Kroger- under $100 is pretty tough to do, especially for 9 meals! You will have to let us know if the casseroles are good and if they freeze well. We always love new recipes and I keep thinking I need to freeze some casseroles to have once Blake gets here too!

Hadias said...

Great job. I love having meals in the freezer. It's sucha time saver. I have lot's of posts on freezer meals if ever have time to stop by and visit my blog.