Saturday, August 16, 2008

Headed to Auburn

well, I'm packing it up this morning and headed to Auburn with my mom and Ada. It's bid day in the land of sororities, and my sister's--Sarah and Kate--have a small break this morning before all of the craziness begins, so we are meeting them and my mom's sister for a little bit of Big Blue Bagel goodness. Yum, Yum. This will be Ada's third trip to Big Blue, and she has only been alive for one year. I am training her early to love that place as much as I do (and all of Auburn, for that matter). I will then head to Scottsboro for the week with my mom. As usual, Scott will join us next weekend, and then we will return home.

This week begins project wean Laura Beth off of diet coke. I am having a few internal complications that seem to be connected to my insane intake of diet coke--I refuse to reveal the number of diet cokes that I drink in a day, it is just too shameful. My goal is to reduce the number to two a day all in hopes of avoiding unnecessary procedures. So as I type I am drinking a bottle of water because I really want to drink a diet coke with my lunch. I could be a hard person to live with as I go through withdrawals.

Anyway...just wanted to share that I might be MIA for a few days as I settle in back in Scottsboro, but I will update before the week is over. Happy Weekend!!


Amanda said...

What a fun day trip! I hope you all have a good time and enjoy some BBB for me! Good luck with quiting your Diet Coke habit.

Milla said...

Have so much fun in Auburn... wish I could enjoy a Tiger Melt with you! :)

Ashley said...

Hey LB, I just read where a Guntersville girl pledge ADPi! Her name is Annie Myers and she is Jay's sister (Scott will know her). Hope y'all had a fun day!

Scott said...

Wow! Annie Myers is old enough to be going to college. That's messed up.

Stephanie said...

Ooh, that sounds like fun! Have a good time!