Saturday, August 30, 2008

Football, Diet Coke, and CVS Bucks

We are spending our Saturday the way the rest of the south is spending their Saturday, watching SEC football. I had committed to having no diet coke in the house, but Scott requested that I at least buy a pack that he can take to work in order to bring home just enough at night for him to have one or two. I, on the other hand, CANNOT keep it in the house. I bought it anyway this past week thinking I could control myself. It turns out I can't. No more diet coke in the house if I have any hope of cutting it out of my life. Well, I had to run out and get a case for Scott today so that he would have some to drink while he watched football. It's our beer of choice:) He will be taking the leftovers to work. Well, when he told me he needed some, I was racking my brain because the grocery money was already spent. Then I remembered that I had some CVS extra bucks--problem solved. Even better, the diet coke at CVS was on sale, 3 for 10 (not their best deal ever, but it will work), so I actually had to pick something out in order to have enough to use my 5.79 ECBs from infant Advil that I bought earlier in the month. I decided to purchase two three packs of ivory soap because we can always use soap, and buying ivory meant 1.00 Extra Buck. So, I ended up spending .34 out of pocket, and I walked away with 1.00 ECB. I made money off of my transaction. I have to admit, I was fairly proud of myself.

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Elizabeth said...

LB, it's mom. Did I tell you that Ivory Soap is my current favorite soap? It really is, and I think it costs the least of the known brands. I love the clean smell. Plus, for the kids, it floats!