Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spoiled by the Grandparents

Scott's parents, or grams and pop as Ada calls (will call) them, came to visit for Scott's and Ada's birthday. They arrived last Friday and stayed through Wednesday morning, and Scott and I both agreed that it was quite nice to have two extra people to entertain Ada and allow us to do some things that we rarely get to do. While they were here, Scott and I attended a wedding in Atlanta, had dinner with friends from South Point, and even had an impromptu lunch date at Arby's on the way to pick up Ada's birthday cake. And that list doesn't even include the various naps that we got to take while Scott's parents kept an eye on Ada. All in all it was a very nice break from our normal day to day. Plus, Scott's parents came along with us to Target and BrandSmart, and they played with Ada while we shopped--so nice. We were all sad to see them go. And not just because they played the role of full time baby-sitters, we also enjoyed their company:) As did Ada. She became quite attached to Grams and Pop. I am posting a few pictures below, though I didn't take nearly enough. And I didn't even get one with Ada and Pop, which is a shame because they became very good friends during the visit.
And the following picture is Ada's birthday gift from Scott and me. Elmo now protects Ada from hitting her head on the faucet, and he protects me from getting sprayed by the shower because Ada can no longer turn the shower on as long as Elmo is there. This makes bath time much easier for everyone. We also gave her a bag full of bath time letters and numbers.
And finally a few snapshots from our visit with Jane and Elisha today. These two wouldn't slow down long enough for us to take their picture, so this is the best I got.

And for other family waiting to see the rest of the birthday pictures...I think that if you click on this link, you will get to ALL 152 birthday pictures. Some are good, some not so good. Look if you wish.


Elizabeth said...

Sad. I clicked on the link, but I have to have your gmail account and password - unless there's something I'm missing. from Mom, who is dying to see all 152 pictures.

ann said...

Such cute pictures!! I love the Elmo bath thing, (don't really know what to call it) It's so funny-Ada's personality-that was never an issue as I can recall with Ellie or Luke. She is a little monkey! Also, those pictures of her and Elisha are so, so cute!

Amy said...

Where did you get the elmo thing? I need one of those!

jane said...

cute little behind shot of our little ones! we enjoyed the visit... but unfortunately things went a bit downhill later(i do hope we didn't spread our stomach bug :-(