Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still writing from Scottsboro

Well, we are nearing the end of the week, and I think both Ada and I and Scott will be glad for our family to be reunited. I know that Scott appreciates having the house to himself for a few days, but I think a week might be a little long for him to be alone. And Ada and I soak up time spent at my mom's house, especially the parts of the day where we get to hang out with Ann and the cousins, but, of course, we both are needing the husband and dad to be around after a little while. I am very excited, though, because next time I come home, Ada and I will be staying at Ann's new house, so that Ada will get to spend all day playing with Luke and Ellie--yea. We never really plan the visits home, we just look around one day and think that we need a change of scenery and off to Scottsboro we go. This time, my mom was coming to visit me and she suggested I come back with her, so that is how we ended up here. I have to say that with all of the freedom that is lost once you become a mom, there is flexibility of place--if that makes sense.

This morning we met Grams and Pop (Scott's parents) for breakfast in Ft. Payne--it was a halfway meeting point for us. Ada was in such a bad mood, though. Who knows why? A year into this thing, and it is still such a guessing game. I suppose it always will be, at least until she can communicate better. I suspect there is a tooth trying to come through on the bottom, but I can't prove it yet. She keeps putting her hands in her mouth, she is extra fussy, and she has gotten very fussy when my mom or I have had to stick our hands in her mouth to relieve her of too much food stuffed inside. If I put food in front of her, she stuffs it all in her mouth regardless of whether or not it is chewed up, and her little cheeks get so puffy because her mouth is so full. That is when mom or I have to intervene, and oh does she get angry. So...I don't know how successful the visit was. I enjoyed seeing Scott's parents, and Ada seemed to enjoy walking around outside after breakfast, but she was rather fussy during breakfast. She is becoming more capable of blatant disobedience, and she has learned to say no to me in a very strong voice. Oh dear. I do think she is understanding the word no better though. She is more responsive to it, though I still have to say no to the same things over and over. So that's an update on us. I took some cute pictures today at breakfast, but I left my camera at Ann's house. As soon as I get that back, I plan to download them, so this may be a two post day.

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