Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busy Morning

It is not even noon yet, and we have already had a very full day. I have not been to the grocery store for the week, so we had absolutely nothing for breakfast, which meant that we got to go out for breakfast--yea. I love going out for breakfast on Saturday mornings. I just think it's the best way to start the weekend. So we loaded Ada into her car seat, and off we went to try a new restaurant on the square, Gritz. And it was a hit. The restaurant was packed, which was a good sign, and it is located in a very old building on the square with original floors and ceilings. The walls are lined with old black and white pictures of Atlanta in addition to shots of people and places around McDonough. It was a big morning because the doctor encouraged me to concentrate on giving Ada three meals a day, rather than bottles plus little snacks here and there. So, Ada and I split a plate of eggs, grits, bacon, and biscuits. Yummy. And Ada ate the eggs and grits like they were going out of style. I get really excited about firsts like that--Ada's first real breakfast, her first happy meal, etc. etc. I also ordered her a glass of milk, and I poured it into her bottle, and yea, she drank it without even a second thought. It looks like our days of formula may be over. So exciting. I will take a 4 dollar carton of milk over 25 dollar formula any day.

The food at this restaurant was incredibly fresh and home made. Growing up, we had close family friends in Scottsboro (The Baldwins) that lived in a big blue, very old house on Scott Street. I spent many nights over there, and every morning Beth Baldwin would cook a huge breakfast and Jamie Baldwin (her husband) would whistle up the stairs to signal to us children to come down for breakfast. I still remember how cold the hardwood floors were on fall mornings and the way breakfast smelled so good. I still spend a good bit of time with the Baldwins, and Beth still cooks breakfast from time to time, but something about that old blue house made breakfast taste just a little bit better than normal. This morning I could have been sitting in that old kitchen.
After breakfast, we stopped by a local farmers market to buy some fresh tomatoes, and the owner threw in some free bananas. Apparently Saturdays are free banana day. We'll take it.

And finally, we ended our morning with some play time at a local park. Ada enjoyed the swings and sliding with Scott. And of course, she thought it would be more fun to climb up the slide rather than actually slide down the slide. That is so typically Ada. Our fun came to an abrupt end when the slide shocked her. Poor thing, but Scott and I couldn't help but laugh. Her hair was standing straight up. Ada is now sleeping soundly, worn out from all the morning activity.

And family, as always, you will find more pictures if you go to my photo link.

Little miss independent walking around the playground.

Headed home and still facing backwards. Bless her heart, she has to be one year AND 20 lbs to face forward. She didn't quite make the cut.


ann said...

She looks like such a big girl in her shoes! Also, the lady who is making our window treatments lives in the Baldwins' old house. I'm hoping when I take her the fabric I can go in and see it. She said they have completely redone the kitchen.

LB said...

ooo, when are you taking her the fabric. I am going to come to Scottsboro with mom, I think, so if I am home, I want to come with you if possible. You will probably be taking it this week, though.

Amy said...

Is Ada still in her infant seat too?

ESS the MESS said...

She is so precious. Enjoyed the morning story. It is always a pleasure to hear about the simple joys in life like a good breakfast or a beautiful morning

Stephanie said...

AWWWW! That is so awesome! OKAY...I have soemthing to tell you that is REALLY freaky...LOL WE KNOW A BETH BALDWIN TOO! They are in the homeschool co-op with us and they are like, one of our favorite families here! They have two kids, Eden and Kenneth...and her husband is Dana. :) Don't think that you spell it that way...but oh well. :) Oh that is really funny that the slide shocked Ada...but then of course I know how bad that hurts since everything is sooooo dry here in AZ, so it's not funny...but then, like you said, what can you do but laugh! :) Thanks for the pictures!

Julia said...

I can't believe how quickly babies eat "big people" food!

I do stay home, so especially last winter was tough (it gets REALLY cold here!) We go to John Piper's church, which is awesome but also really large. I have plans to make myself more plugged in in the upcoming months though...thanks for commenting on our blog!

McCrory Family said...

Ada is way too cute!! About the food....when Claire started eating real food 3 times a day PLUS 2 snacks her sleeping really improved (don't we all sleep better with a full belly??) :). I was a bit lost as to how much of each food group Claire needed so I found this link to help me better plan out her meals:

Just wanted to share because I felt like my entire day started to revolve around food and what to feed the baby and this really helped me simplify things! :)