Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pediatrician Visit

Oh wow, we made our mark at the doctor's office today.

Today was our first visit to Covenant Care Pediatrics, and I went with high hopes because I never really loved our last pediatrician. Our new place is a small office with only one physician, who has eight kids of his own. My reasoning is that if he has eight kids plus he's a pediatrician he MUST know what he's talking about. Plus I had a million questions about sleep, diet, etc. Ada's nights continue to be awful, so I wanted to hear a pediatrician tell me what everyone else has already told me--let her cry it out!! And that is what he said, or what the nurse said at least. But back to my opening statement--Ada was quite the patient.

She was angry about everything. She screamed when I put her on the table for them to measure her, she resisted being weighed with everything in her power, almost leaping from the scale multiple times, and I even had to forcefully hold her hands down as she screamed at the top of her lungs while the nurse checked her head circumference. It was crazy. She had never done that at previous doctors visits, so I was not prepared. And at this point, we hadn't even gotten to the shots. Wow. When the nurse did come back with the shots, I had to forcefully hold Ada's arms down so that she would not grab the needles. Luckily, the shots were over very quickly, but Ada was so upset afterwards. The whole thing was quite the work out, and we were both exhausted afterwards. (Plus she had a TERRIBLE night last night). After all of that I thought that surely Ada would be ready for a nap. Oh no. She resisted her nap for over an hour before she finally fell asleep, but once she fell asleep she slept for three hours, and I slept almost that entire time as well. We are both in better moods now after our long nap:)

Well, the statistics are in, and little bitty Ada weighs in at 17.5 lbs, putting her in the 3rd percentile for weight. I knew she was little but I did not realize that she was that little. Her height is a little more average. She is 29 inches, which puts her in the 40th percentile, and her head is in the 29th percentile (I think). We weighed her again at home just to make sure that was right, but she weighed the same thing on our scale. She's just small, I suppose. So that was our day today. Quite eventful, and we have even more excitement planned this week--a visit with Jane and Elisha tomorrow and then a visit with new friends from church on Friday.

I will also be back tomorrow to post more about our visit with Scott's parents.


ESS the MESS said...

My mom was a pediatric nurse for numerous years and I know I'm going to be calling her constantly. Glad to hear little Ada is healthy though a bit petite.

John, Jessica, Hannah, and Grant Harman said...

If it makes you feel any better...Hannah ALWAYS acts like that when we go..we go to Covenant Care too. She even threw a major fit when we went for one of Grant's checkups! And I had to join the club of letting her cry it out too. It was rough but it worked. It lasted about a week and she slept fine again. Good luck!!