Friday, October 17, 2008

Baptism Photos

As I mentioned last week, my family was in town this past Sunday's for Ada's baptism and our joining of the church. Well, we actually joined this past summer, but we were publicly recognized this past Sunday.

I was very unsure of how Ada would do, and just as I suspected, it was a bit difficult to get through. She did not want to be held for the entire "ceremony," and she quickly tired of my handing her my bracelet and earrings. She even began to throw my bracelet and earrings down in the middle of our pastor explaining what her baptism meant. Oh dear. It was a chunky wooden bracelet, too, so it made quite the clunk when it was dropped on the ground. When she was actually handed over to the pastor, she did okay. That is until the water was poured on her head, at which point she let out a very loud wail. She did not like it!!! I wish I had a picture of that moment. Our camera still does not work, so I am at the mercy of other peoples' cameras. The photos below were taken with Ann's camera. Enjoy.
church seems to fall right at naptime.

oh you know, lifting her dress for all the world to seethe rest of the crew before church started--Ann, Ellie, Luke, Dad, and Momthe actual baptism. Notice Ada trying to get out of Scott's arms.these two photos are vintage Ada!!
I will most likely be back before the weekend is over to share some thoughts on why we chose to baptize Ada. It was a decision we went back and forth on, so it would be good for me to jot my thoughts down.

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