Thursday, October 9, 2008

I won't be winning any motherhood awards this week

and here are the reasons why

Not once, but TWICE Ada and I split McDonalds and called it a sufficient lunch.

And on top of all of that organic, healthy goodness, I will be serving a Target brand frozen pizza for dinner tonight. Oh dear.

Yesterday when Ada and I were at a stand off--she having both hit and growled at me over who knows what, and me not knowing the best way to handle it because everything I have tried so far seems to be NOT working, we headed to Wal-Mart where I bought her a toy stroller and baby doll. That did the trick.

Surely Dave Ramsey would agree that a rainy day and an angry toddler is reason enough to dip into the emergency fund, right? He does say save for a rainy day, and yesterday was definitely rainy:)

In my defense the stroller cost 7.00 and the doll 3.50. They were the cheapest things in the toy department.

Twice this week when Ada woke up at 2 am and didn't automatically fall back asleep, I gave her a bottle. A BOTTLE. I don't think I am even supposed to be giving her bottles in the day time anymore. But we all got some sleep!

And now, when I should be cleaning the house for tonight's discipleship group, I am sitting here blogging.

Here is what I propose. Let's just erase this week from the books and start fresh on Monday. Vegetables for lunch and all.


Milla said...

haha... that's great laura beth. I love that you split mcdonalds (I love a good fast-food hamburger and fries, too!) and I love that you are serving frozen pizza tonight, and I love that you bought the cheapest stroller and doll to find some peace! So funny... I agree, Monday will be a new start!

jane said...

yeah... sometimes you just have to make it. luckily, we know that no one is perfect!

The Slagleys said...

Sadly, the split kids meal is a regular around here... because I have gotten lazy in the kitchen and because Kate actually eats it! We fight her constantly to eat real food instead of just waiting until her snacktime of pretzels, cheese, or fruit... and if she will eat the beef, I give in. We have also bought the toy on a whim before, but that is because she found it in the store and screamed so hard when we tried to put it up that I was beyond embarrassed, so Kate got a bunny rabbit that rattled (that now just sits in her room). I don't think any of us will be winning awards any time soon!

tribaldances said...

At least you SPLIT McDonalds instead of giving her the WHOLE big mac herself. can you imagine ada and a big mac? i think it would be bigger than her.

rhodes1 said...

I finished the second book in the Katie series today! It was very enjoyable. I'll send it with Mom and Dad this weekend if you'd like, along with the stroller and print.

Amanda said...

So funny. I guess sometimes you have to just do what you gotta do for peace. No one judges you! :)