Friday, October 24, 2008

It's a good day, and it's only 9:20 am

I just filled up my car for 34.00!!!!!!!!!

And I found yet another coffee shop in McDonough that sales my beloved Big Train Chai.

It is a good day.

* One more thing to add to this completey random post.

If had this wonderful contraption, I would love to make my own baby food. Maybe we can work it into the budget before any other babies join our family....something to think about.

And while we're at it, I might as well get this too, right?


Hollen said...


Tutti said...

Making your own baby food is a snap. I did it with all three, but you won't need that special doo-dad because the FDA put out info a long time ago that heating things in plastic lets off bad toxins (possibly cancer causing toxins). No joke. If I weren't so lazy I would google it and find a link for you to read. Amy Petrucci is good at that.

All you need is a pan and a blender or blender type item and then you NEED to get the book Super Baby Food.

LB said...

Tutti--it's BPA free. Doesn't that make it okay? I have a very strong feeling you are going to say no:)

As for the pads post, I doubt many men are reading this blog about motherhood, so I can talk about pads and breastfeeding and things of that nature, I think:)

I will get a copy of the book though. Reall, I will.

Rachel said...

Is another baby around the corner?! :)