Thursday, October 16, 2008

You must go to Old Navy and buy some tank tops

I am slightly obsessed with tank tops. I have been since college. They are so versatile--great for layering, exercising, covering up a bathing suit, sleeping, and the list goes on and on. I have two separate drawers just for my tank tops--one for white and one for colored. The problem is that ever since little Ada came into my life and just rearranged everything--including my body--my old tank tops have been too short. I can't put my finger on the too short thing, perhaps my ribs are wider and my stomach a little bigger after giving birth. Who knows. Anyway...Ada and I needed an outing today because she was getting fussy, but I wasn't ready for her to take a nap at 11 am. Things work out better for everyone if she takes a later nap. So, we headed to the outlet malls a few exits down from our house. With the beautiful weather, we like to do this because we can walk around outside, and I might stumble on some amazing deals. And today, stumble I did, onto .99 cent racer back tanks at Old Navy. I bought six of them. SIX!!! I had to search for my size, but I searched, and I bought. And I am so excited to be the proud owner of six new tanks that are long enough for this post-pregnancy body. Only two were good colors for layering--I bought two black ones--the rest were things like green or yellow striped. But, they will be perfect for running or sleeping, and I can wear them instead of dirtying a brown, black, or white tank that I need for an actual outfit. Really, you need to go to Old Navy!!!

They had an entire rack of summer shirts on sale for a dollar, but that would have a required an amount of digging through that I was not capable of doing with a 14 month old in tow.

I did walk away with a dress and skirt that Ada can wear next summer--both for under 5.00. Amazing deals, people. Now is the time to stock up on summer clothes at Old Navy. It's CRAZY. 1.00!!!!

p.s. Scott, if you are reading this and wondering where I got the money to spend at Old Navy, it came from the Banana Republic shirt I returned. No worries--we are still on budget:)


Rachel said...

I am totally with you on the "too short" thing- NOTHING I have fits anymore and I weight the same as before I had Wyatt- it is the weirdest thing- i think my hips are wider as well as my shoulders... and every top I own feels too short!! I will have to stop at Old Navy on my way home...with a 3 month in tow! Let's hope I can do some digging on my own before he gets fussy- we have had nap issues as well- I blogged about them today :)

Amanda said...

Hey remember when we all sat around and came up with "if we were a piece of clothing what would each be"? You were a tube top I remember! You are such a tank/tube top girl! The only other one i remember was Lindsay was a wooley scarf or sweater. HA!

Elizabeth said...

Laura Beth, did you get my email re: Ada's length from head to toe and her chest and waist measurements. Can't wait to get started on her little dress.

Love, MOM

Milla said...

It's so wierd that your shirts are now too short! Crazy! But, I am so glad you found new tank-tops. I do love the tank tops for every reason you mentioned, but can I ask, what do you do about the bra situation with the racerback tanks? Racer-back bra? Strapless? Maybe that's too personal a question for a public space, but hey, we're girls, right?!

Hollen said...

COOL! I LOVE Old Navy....wonder if they might have a sale in the Juniors section??? LOL

LB said...

okay, a few responses

Rachel--I have the same experience--same weight, nothing fits

Amanda--I just sent about five e-mails pertaining to your comment

mom--I will send measurements asap (as soon as I find a tape measure that is)

milla--strapless!! It is essential

Hollen--the entire store was having a MAJOR sale. You should check it out.