Thursday, October 2, 2008

Latest Ada Stories

just a few funny happenings from our day to day.

Yesterday Ada and I were headed to CVS to buy my weekly bargains, and I gave her a sippy cup of water to drink on the way. It was one of those "take and toss" from Wal-Mart. Hint: I don't toss them, I wash them and reuse them:). Well, it was about halfway full of water when we left the house. Of course I "stopped" by Sonic (which was a good 5 minutes out of our way) for a half-price diet coke, and after I had ordered and I was waiting on my drink, I turned around to talk to Ada. And there she sat with the lid of the sippy cup in one hand and an empty cup in the other. hmmmm....I made an educated guess that she hadn't finished drinking that water before the lid came off. Sure enough, when we got to CVS, and I picked her up, her pants were soaking wet, which meant that my shirt was quickly soaked from holding her. I was not deterred from my deals, however. In to CVS we marched, soaking baby and all. She didn't seem bothered in the least. As soon as we got back to the car, I stripped her down to her diaper, and that was how she rode the rest of the way home. And I repeat my mom motto--you do what you have to do.

p.s. maybe that's why those sippy cups are so cheap. Sometimes it might be worth it to pay the higher price;)

Second Ada tale

I am trying to enforce two naps a day while she is suffering from the cold and ear infection. This morning Ada was fighting that morning nap like a champ. I dug my heels in, though, and she is now asleep! I won!!! Yea. Well, in the falling asleep (screaming at the top of her lungs) process, I went into her bedroom to check on her. There I found her pantsless, with only one arm left in her shirt. The other arm was freely flailing about in anger over nap time. Again, I was not deterred. I calmly took her freed arm and placed it back in her shirt. I left her pants on the floor where she had tossed them, and I lay her back down. And, folks, she is now asleep. And I believe she will be a happier baby for it. And I, a happier mom!

I will most likely do a second post today with a very funny story of my first in-home tutoring experience. I was quickly reminded of why teenagers make me laugh so hard. Most of the time, their thinking is just a little off. Preview--tacky day during Homecoming Week is certainly important enough to lie to your mom about the due date of a History paper. Clearly tacky day has much more lasting consequences than your FAILING grade in the class. Oh how I love those teenagers and their yet to fully develop brains.


Lindsay said...

Oh Ada. Well, good for you for winning the power struggle! And yes, I'm reminded daily with my clients about those lovely adolescent brains which still need to develop judgment skills and predicting consequences skills. Can't wait to hear about that one.

rhodes1 said...

Yay for two naps, and I hope the tutoring went well! I have no plans for the pear. We were supposed to hang it in our kitchen but never did, and I have plenty of my art hanging around the house. Do you want it?

Stephanie said...

Good for you to get Ada down twice! :) She will be happier! :) Good luck on your tutoring!