Sunday, October 5, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

It's Friday afternoon, Ada is napping, and I am organizing my menu so that we can go to Kroger when she wakes up. However, I will most likely not post this until Sunday night or Monday morning. But here it is.

Friday--Split dinner out with Ada and Scott, most likely Shane's Barbecue (our favorite!)

Saturday--football food, Anne's Hot Sausage Dip and chips and salsa from Chili's (again, our favorite). This is a recipe from Coastal Living and it is SO GOOD. I have not made it since last fall, but with the weather turning cooler and football on tv, I decided it was time to add it to the menu.

Sunday--we will most likely eat leftover dip for lunch. It makes a lot. We will eat whatever we can find for dinner before we go to Community Group.

Monday--Santa Fe Soup. I am so excited because this will be the first time I've made it this year!! I LOVE it.


Wednesday--breakfast for dinner, waffles and bacon. My mom gave me her waffle iron, so I am excited to use it.

Thursday--frozen pizza. Thursday nights I dash out the door to tutor as soon as Scott gets home, and then right after that I host discipleship group at my house. This means we need an easy dinner with easy clean up. Frozen pizza eaten on a paper towel is as easy as it gets. We will throw away everything, and the kitchen will be clean again.

Breakfast will be the usual kashi waffles and slim fast bars. Maybe one day I will get more creative. For now we are going with the familiar. We know it tastes good and fills us up, and I feel okay about the ingredients.

Lunch will be PB & J and pringles (BIG sale at CVS + Coupons). Not exciting AT ALL, but it is cheap and healthy enough. We use whole grain bread, and sometimes natural peanut butter. It's protein, Ada loves it, it works. I may decide to make a big batch of pasta salad using the pasta with added protein. We'll see. It would add some variety to our diet:)

Snacks will be yogurt (always), peanuts, string cheese, stove popped popcorn, which I also sometimes eat for lunch after Ada goes down for a nap. It's my afternoon treat. Gilmore Girls on dvd, stove popped popcorn, and a diet coke. Nothing like it.

And as usual, check out Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas.

p.s. as I am looking over this week's menu, I realize that it really lacking veggies. And fruits. Yikes. I'll work on that with next week's menu. But for now the groceries are bought, so there's no changing it. Well, seeing it on paper makes me face the facts, I guess.

Should I add a grocery list with price break down? might help me figure out ways that I could cut corners even more. We'll see. I may add that feature next week.

Happy eating, everyone!


Scott said...

I love Menu Planning Monday. It's like reading the Saturday paper in elementary school and seeing what the cafeteria was going to have for the week.

Lynn said...

That dip sounds good. I am going to have to save that to use in the future. Thanks.

John, Jessica, Hannah, and Grant Harman said...

we love Santa Fe Soup too! IT's always on the menu for Fall and Winter meals!

The Slagleys said...

I am stealing that dip recipe to take to my recipe club tomorrow... we are doing fall treats and it sounds very fall-ish! I can't wait to try it.

ann said...

Scott, that's so funny. LB-I was very pumped about my food menu/budgeting for the week. It even included a Papa John's pizza and a (reasonably priced)lunch out after church on Sun. Then I went to the cleaners to pick up a duvet cover that had been there forever and I forgot that I also had the down filler there too-$63.00!!!!! I literally asked the girl 3 times because I didn't think I was hearing her correctly. Called Steven almost in tears. The frustrating thing is, the only reason I was having it cleaned was to sell it on e-bay. I don't even know if I can get that much for it. I would've just gotten rid of it. Oh well, you live and learn.