Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Target Toy Aisle and other tidbits from our Wednesday Night

I decided not to tutor tonight. I just needed a break. So, so badly. Instead, when Scott got home, our little family of three (after eating very tasty pot roast) headed to our local Target, which we like to do just for fun. After making my usual rounds through the women's clothing section and toddler clothing section, Scott suggested we look at the toy section for other possible Christmas gifts.

Oh man. Scott and I were going crazy.

We got to the fisher price aisle, and we just couldn't contain ourselves. There Ada sat happily eating her goldfish (because she would only eat carrots for dinner, nothing else), and Scott and I, the adults in the situation, were flipping out over all of the toys that Ada just had to have. So that's why kids end up having over the top Christmases. The parents just go crazy in the toy aisle. Luckily, we didn't actually have money to purchase anything, but I sure do hope those toys we are picking up Monday live up to the ones we saw tonight. I say all of this with tongue in cheek, but really, have you been to the Target toy aisle lately? This is our first Christmas as parents when we really want to do the "Santa" thing, and we are going to have to tone. it. down.

So, we left Target, purchasing nothing more than a .99 cent box of Goldfish that bought us enough time to leisurely stroll through the store, and we went home ready to give Ada a bath, and that leads me to my next story.

Ada has a new bath time habit, unfortunately, that involves her hugging me in all of her soaking wet soapiness. I guess she doesn't like having her hair rinsed because the water sometimes gets in her face. So tonight, when she saw my hand going for the cup, she threw herself at me with everything that was in her, holding tightly to my waist with her wet head buried into my chest. We were both dripping with soap and water. And there she stayed, locked around me, until I moved my hand away from the cup. Then when she was sure the cup was not in my hand, she returned to playing with her bath tub alphabet toys, and I grabbed the cup to pour from behind. Once I poured, she repeated the routine, soaking me even more. It was a mess. I was a mess. And we had to repeat this at least 5 times before all the shampoo was rinsed from her hair. Water was every where. And my clothes were headed straight for the laundry room. But she was clean. And she is now asleep, so I count it a success.


Jodi said...

oh yeah - I totally get it! One thing that we've tried that helps a bunch are those bathtime pitchers that have a curved side that allow you to put it on your child's forehead and pour backwards and it helps keep any/much water from actually going over their face. I think they're only a few $$ @ WM & Target.

our little guy (he's 2) loves the shower, so if you manage to get in the shower without him, it's not long before he's standing at the door, opening it, ready to jump in clothes and all!

on to Christmas...this will be his 3rd, and so far we've managed to not do much the past 2 years (of course, he has 1 grandmother who's gone WAY overboard both times!!), as we knew he wasn't really that into it anyway, but this year, it's much harder to resist! I have my eye on a train table and my husband keeps saying...but it's all those pieces - just what we need - more pieces! LOL Anyway - I totally get it! :)

Deanna said...

I know we will be in the same boat next Christmas! Actually, it was Christmas time last year that we started talking about having a baby and how much fun it would be...I have a feeling we will have to use restraint also. By the way, I love your recipes and shopping tips! I'm trying to learn all I can. : )

Katie B said...

believe it or not, i remember the scary blue bath toy that my mom would rinse my hair with... i think there was just too much water on my face and it was so hard to lean back... go figure. you're still an awesome mom and i always love your stories ;)