Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's a good night...

Tonight I am feeling very content.

I am tucked safely into my warm home. Comfy in my favorite Auburn hoodie and pajama pants. Ada is sleeping soundly upstairs, my hubby is on the couch doing his bible study, and life is good.

Other little things making me happy tonight.

A diet coke bought with a 5.00 dollar bill that Scott just handed to me. Said do what you want with it. We both knew what that money would be going toward:)

After examining the budget, this way and that, and figuring out a few places we can reduce costs this week, I am going to Target to buy these boots this weekend. They are slightly on sale, my freezer is stocked with chicken and vegetables so the grocery bill should be low, and we think we can swing it without adding any extra money to the budget. So exciting.

Plus...Ada has been sleeping until 7:30 lately. This gives me a few extra hours to play with at night, and tonight I plan to stay up, even after Scott goes to bed, to tackle some cleaning projects. I am looking forward to a quiet, lamp lit house, Gilmore Girls on in the background, and finally getting this house clean. I plan to feel very accomplished when I finally lay my head on that pillow.


rhodes1 said...

That does sound like a really good night, and the boots are very cute!

Emily Lilley said...

Laura Beth! I haven't seen you in a million years but I saw your blog on Krisan's and have enjoyed catching up on your life! I had to comment because I own the Kristen boots from Target and they are completely fantastic. A worthy investment.