Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Again

Scott and I pulled into McDonough this afternoon around 3:30 pm after a long weekend with Scott's parents in Crossville, AL. Despite getting lots of extra rest this weekend because of Scott's mother's generous offer to watch Ada in the mornings while Scott and I slept in, I am very tired this evening, so this will most likely be a very quick post.

Ada had a fabulous time at the grandparents' house, especially since there are cows right out the back door. If we had allowed it, Ada would have crawled right through the gate to join the cow. Obviously, we didn't allow it, which at times resulted in some rather loud screams from Ada. She was serious about wanting to be with that cow. She referred to the cow as "gog," her word for dog. This made us laugh because the cow made for such a large dog. She did learn to moo in response to the cow though. The cow would moo, then Ada would moo, then the cow would moo, and so on. They were speaking each other's language.

Ada also got to spend some time with her second cousin, Kendall. Kendall was born just a few days after Ada, and we thought that they would love playing together. However, they may still be too young. They mainly wanted to take toys from each other. Ada at times seemed to be the dominant toy taker, so I had to do some major refereeing. Which resulted in more screams. Lovely.

It was a very restful weekend, and we were thankful to get to sleep in and take afternoon naps while away. Plus we enjoyed seeing all of Scott's family. It was a long overdue visit, and we took lots of pictures with Scott's sister's camera. However, I came home with only these three. Enjoy.

Ada and her bff, the cow.Ada and Pop...being her funny selfThis is a classic Ada face. If we say, "Ada do you want some juice?" or, "Ada, dad will be home soon," or "Ada, do you want to watch Praise Baby?" we are greeted with this face. It can show up in the middle of tantrum if I ask the right question. I'm very happy to have it captured on film. (Kendall is in the background of this photo)


John, Jessica, Hannah, and Grant Harman said...

So sweet!

Allyson said...

they love it!! They r a little short for it still but with shoes on they bounce all over the place! It would be a great gift :)

Hollen said...

CUTE SHOES! LOL Oh, and I love the "Adad and her bff, the cow" picture! That is really funny that she was so enthralled with the cow and that she referred to it as a'gog' LOL! Thanks for posting!