Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today is a good day because

Scott worked from home, which means that when Ada and I had tired of each other, we could go visit Scott who was just down the hall.

I tutored outside of my house. Face to face. Real conversation. Real live, can see it in her face, understanding. I am just crossing my fingers that the tutoring leads to a good test grade on Thursday--yikes!

The Biggest Loser is on television (before the debate, of course). I love the Biggest Loser. It inspires me to work out, and work out A LOT.

Little tiny arms wrapped tightly around my neck more than once today. And then those arms squeezed tight. The best feeling in the whole world.

And I am tucked into my safe, warm house.

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jane said...

those little arms around your neck ARE the BEST!