Friday, May 15, 2009

Car Trouble, Potty Training, and Outlet Deals--the story of our week

We are at home today, and our car is back at the shop. So frustrating. And to make matters worse, our fridge is void of all diet coke. Sad, sad day. God doesn't give me more than I can handle, right;)

Actually, Tutti, is coming to the rescue today. She is going to pick up Ada and me so that we can tag along on a shopping trip. I am thankful for a mom friend who understands the monotony of staying in the house all day long.

Anyway, because I don't want to spend my entire day's blog post complaining about things that are in no way worth complaining about, I thought I would show what Ada has been up to. Because all of her little friends are a few months older than her, Ada has been hearing about potty training a lot lately. I haven't been pushing potty training because Ada is still young, but after keeping a few children at our house one day, and watching me take them to the potty, Ada has decided that she also wants to use the potty. And she wants to use it a lot. The thing is, she has never actually used the bathroom on it. She sits down, looks at me and smiles, and then says all done. Oh well, it's a start. She is so interested in it, in fact, that she has started pulling her diaper off in random places.

For example, the other morning in the nursery, some of the children were taken to the potty because they are potty trained. Well, Ada, never one to miss out on the fun, decided to take matters into her own hands. While my back was turned, Ada took her own diaper off and headed into the attached bathroom. Oh dear. I finally let her sit on the toilet, but, of course, nothing happened.

Then again at the library, Ada overheard a mom ask her child if she wanted to go potty, and Ada immediately ran for the library door all while ripping off her diaper. Yikes.

Well, this interest has translated to her potty training her own babies and "melmo." Her method, however, is to actually stick her baby in the toilet rather than just sit them on the seat. Hey, whatever works, right?

I am thinking the baby still has a ways to go, though, so Ada decided she should put a diaper on her. Poor baby, the diaper is a little bit like a straight jacket. I offered to let Ada use a newborn diaper that we have stashed away, but Ada insisted that the baby needed this diaper.I thought this potty training interest had backfired yesterday morning when I found Ada sitting her bed, pants and diaper on the floor. Because Ada wakes up at the crack of dawn--before 6 am some days--I have opted to not use the monitor at night, and I make Ada stay in her bed until 7. I am a much better mama when I am not stumbling around half asleep. Well, the other morning I walked into her room to get her after she had been awake for who knows how long, and she immediately said to me, "wet diaper." I said, "you have a wet diaper?" and she confirmed that yes she did, by pointing to the diaper on the floor. Needless to say, I was relieved when I touched her sheets and they were dry. p.s. All toddler swimwear at Old Navy is on sale for 8.00. We picked up this suit yesterday morning, and I had to post pictures. All of Ada's current swimsuits were either too small or too big, so when I saw the sale, I decided to buy one that is actually her size.
And if you live in my area, the Tanger outlets are having some good sales!! J. Crew has an extra 20% off all clearance items, and most of B. Republic is 50% off. If you are in need of some new clothes, you should check it out.


Mary Ann said...

Oh, Laura Beth, all of that is so precious about the potty training, and Ada removing her diaper at unforeseen times, etc. I love that, when sitting on potty, she looks up at you, smiles, and says "all done". And puts her dolls IN the potty. The pictures are adorable. When, oh when, will I get to see her in person? Do you have any idea when the next time will be that you guys will be going to S'boro? Maybe I can go too.

Stephanie said...

Oh too cute!!! LOL I love her bathing suit! I wish that I could be that little again..I have such a hard time finding bathing suits. Clothes too are so hard again. It seems like when your are "littler" you have an easier time finding cute things! All of the junior departments have interesting things now days. :) LOL Thanks for posting! :)

Jessica said...

what a cute swimsuit!!!

Lamm said...

I'm going against the grain and saying I love her Tshirt! Haha! Hope all is well, and hate that y'all are missing our shrimp boil for Memorial Saturday!