Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Headed down 75 S again, and How I survived the root canal

Back to Georgia we go. I am alive--the root canal was not the end of me.

Actually, I am so thankful for how things went yesterday. My dentist appointment a week ago was rather traumatic, and it ended with that other dentist telling me that when it was all said and done I needed enough work done to mouth to pay for a used car. Our financial situation is no secret on this blog;), so you can imagine how we felt about that. Hence the second opinion from my beloved Scottsboro, AL dentist.

And it was a wonderful second opinion. Praise the Lord!! He did have to do the root canal yesterday, which he wasn't positive he would have to do until he actually started drilling (my least favorite part of all of this--that darn vibrating drill that makes me feel like my head is going to vibrate off), and I do have to come back to get a crown put on the "root canaled" tooth, but then I will basically be done with the dentist until my six month check up (which I will never miss again). Hallelujah!! There was no pain, everyone was super nice and professional (as I knew they would be) and they got the job done so very well!!

I kept telling everyone thank you, which I think made them laugh, but I was truly so thankful after my previous experience in Georgia. As for now, I am sticking with my Alabama dentist. I don't mind a trip home every six months. I will try switching later, after I have recovered from all of the overwhelming information the first dentist gave me.

Okay, I will stop saying dentist now. Thanks you faithful few who are actually reading about my trip to the dentist:) You are my true friends.

Ada and I are packing up and headed to McDonough, ready to see the husband/dad. As I have said before, I don't like to be away from him for long. He keeps us stable.

Hopefully I will have a couple of pictures to post later. Ada really took to "baby" (what she calls Andrew; she refuses to call him anything else), and we spent a lot of time telling her to "be gentle," as she wanted to constantly pat him and poke him and hug him and kiss him.

Hope everyone else had a bit more enjoyable memorial day weekend. Thanks for reading!

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