Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quick Reminder

There will be no coupon inserts this weekend because of Memorial Day, so don't be shocked if you purchase the paper and find no coupons. They aren't supposed to be there.

I will be traveling to Alabama today for the dreaded Root Canal. I'm a bit scared to death, ya'll. I don't like having my teeth cleaned at the dentist, so a root canal is a bit out of my comfort zone;)

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Sarah Garner said...

Hey LB, good luck with your root canal!!! Adam and I love trying new restaurants. We have been to Murphy's twice but not the others. We will have to try them! We went to Gilbert's in midtown on Monday when all the entres are 1/2 price. Oh my gosh it is so good! Souper Jenny in Buckhead. Girly cute place. Eclipse di Luna in Perimeter. Tapas. i think they have it in Buckhead too. Gilberts is our favorite.