Tuesday, May 26, 2009

from Alabama

well, today's the day. The big root canal day. I truly hate the dentist, ya'll, so I am praying a lot today;)

In the midst of that, Ada has a terrible cold. It has made it's way down to her chest, and she is coughing these deep, barking coughs. Each time she does it, she looks at me with a confusion in her eyes, and then she burst into tears. Bless her little heart.

The plan was for her to stay with Scott's parents last night and tonight, so that I would be free to get the Root Canal done and get a good night's sleep. However, this mama could not be away from her little girl when she was feeling so bad. I just need to be with her at night when I know she is sick. Maybe that feeling will lessen as I have more children, maybe it won't. But Scott's parents are kindly working with me still, and they are coming here to spend the day at my parents' house (who are at Gulf Shores right now) to watch Ada while I get all of this stuff done to my poor little unsuspecting mouth.

In the mean time, I am about to make a call to either my childhood pediatrician who practices in Huntsville, or my McDonough pediatrician, because I fear all of this is going to turn into an ear infection. And that I don't want to mess with!! Anyone know any natural ear infection remedies? Tutti, I am specifically asking you;) And any other mamas out there? Ada has had one ear infection, and luckily we caught it before things got bad. The doctor gave us an antibiotic and pain reliever and we were over it in a couple of days. (I say we, because moms go through these things with their children, don't we?) And won't we always? I think I will always feel that, even when Ada is a mom herself (Lord willing).

Anyway, if you think about, can you send out a prayer for me that "my heart and my mind would be guarded with his peace that transcends all understanding" as I face that dentist chair? Thanks!


Hollen said...

AWW! You poor thing! And poor Ada! I hope that everything goes well and that Ada feels much much better really soon. :)

Tutti said...

ear aches usually pass and rarely need medication, especially since Ada doesn't have any chronic problems. tylenol will help with the pain, a warm compress, and wally's ear drops (they have garlic) will sooth the ear. you can find them at a health food store. hot showers for at least 10 minutes, 2 times a day. also, a teaspoon of honey (preferably raw) to coat her little throat and relieve the coughing. also, a warm cup of water with lemon and honey will sooth her throat.

have you read nie today? it's a good one...

miss you, xo.

jane said...

the key is to keep the sinus passages open so the ears don't get icky... and if they already are they will heal very quickly once you get things open again. from my understanding the best way to do that is steam. we just turn the shower on hot and sit in the bathroom like tutti suggested... we don't get in, just turn it all the way hot and sit in the steamy bathroom-- maybe read a few books.
i'm so sorry you are facing all of this at the same time!