Thursday, May 28, 2009

on a happier note, let's talk J. Crew for kids

thanks for the encouraging comments, friends. I greatly appreciate it.

Our day today is going slightly better. We made it out of Publix with only three major battles;)

So...I decided to cheer things up a bit with a discussion on my favorite brand of clothing for little girls, Crew Cuts. Oh. my. goodness. I am in love. When Scott and I were at the beach, we visited the outlet malls in search of a pair of flip flops, and we took a minor detour into the Crew Cuts store. I was dying over the cuteness. We picked out a skirt and a top from the clearance rack, and ever since then, I am constantly pouring over the sale section on the website.
Here are the things I have my eye on right now.

Of the three, which is your favorite?


Lindsay said...

Too cute!! I had no idea j.crew had kids stuff! We might be having to look on there for Caiden! Of the bathing suits, I love the madris thing now, so the bikini is precious, but I also love the 3rd one because of the color and cute little ties on the sides.

Elizabeth said...

mine is the top one, the bikini - isn't that adorable. Possibly the last time you'll feel comfortable with something that skimpy on your daughter. But - one piece suits are easier to deal with and much more sun protection. I like them all, perhaps the orange one piece. Can you get all three? :-)

Love, Near

Milla said...

I love them all!! So cute. I especially love the third one with the little bows on the legs. Adorable.

I'm glad things were better today. Now I understand how my mom felt! Ah!

Lamm said...

Hey Girl! We missed you too! I know something else that might help make your day brighter--the FREE Giveaway I'm offering from my business! (Don't know if you've seen the post or not!)

Check it out!

rhodes1 said...

I think the orange is my favorite, but they're all adorable!

Sarah Garner said...

I think I like the orange best too. I'm so into ruffles these days. Absolutely adorable.