Sunday, May 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday--back in full force, sort of

I haven't done menu plan Monday in a while because my crazy tutoring schedule has kept me from planning anything very tasty for dinner. The last few weeks as students scrambled to pass classes and cram for the SAT, our family's dinners have fallen to the wayside.

But, alas, summer has arrived, and the tutoring is slowing waaaaay down. I will have two students over the summer, and the hours allow me to be home every night for dinner with the fam and bath time and bed time with Ada. We are all relieved for the break. It's been a crazy season for us.

I am not back in full force this week because I still have two extra students who are taking the SAT this weekend, and then my summer schedule officially begins. However, my Mondays and Wednesdays are almost completely free, so I am trying two new Paula Deen recipes this week. Yahoo.

Here's the plan

Monday night--Paula Deen's butter baked chicken, rice and gravy, slow cooked lima beans, and biscuits

Tuesday night--grilled hot dogs, baked beans, chips (I will tutor through the dinner hour this night, so Scott is in charge)

Wednesday night--Paula Deen's beef stroganoff over noodles and broccoli

Thursday night--slow cooked vegetable soup and cornbread (another late tutoring night, but there will be no more of these after this week)

and Friday, I leave for the beach with all of my best college girlfriends. I am thrilled to the core. I am meeting 6 other girls in Montgomery on Friday morning, where we will all pile into one Expedition and head to Florida. Scott's parents have graciously agreed to come and hang out with Scott and Ada for the weekend, so I don't feel like I am abandoning them. So, Scott said he will figure out dinner for Friday-Sunday night.

As for lunches, we will eat turkey sandwiches, fruit, hummus and veggies, and lean cuisine pizzas from the freezer

Breakfast--eggs or egg whites, peanut butter toast, cheese toast, and Oatmeal Breakfast cookies

What's on your menu this week? Need some ideas? Head over here for hundreds of them.

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The Murphrees said...

Hey LauraBeth, I have tried Paula's stroganoff recipe too and it is great but if you find it lacking in a little flavor like I did try adding a packet of ranch dressing seasoning. It made all the difference for me. Hope you enjoy! So glad you are posting again about this stuff...I need inspiration...esp with couponing. It has been a real struggle.