Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Lord has provided in abundance today

As I mentioned earlier, it's been a bit of an emotionally hard week. Nothing's going on to make it that way, it's just the way this body of mine reacts sometimes.

I mean there were little things making it that way--a car in the shop which resulted in several days of being stuck at home with no way out of this house and Ada being particularly disobedient and mischievous at times--but neither of these things really add up to a good reason to cry or pout or have a pity party, but none the less, this flesh of mine often does all three of those things at once.

Well, last night, after spending time in the word and reflecting on God's character a bit (a surefire way to get myself out of an emotional funk), I decided to make a game plan for today. We got the car back last night, and I wanted to get a few things done that needed doing. I was reading in Genesis and thinking about how organized God is in everything. Nothing about God and his creation is random. Think about how every little detail adds up to a very workable plan. I am trying to spend some time really studying who God is, and so my focus when reading the word right now is what I can learn about the characteristics of God and how this applies to how I live my life as a wife and mom. And I am learning that if I don't have plan, then things probably won't go well and my day will most likely not glorify God in the way that it potentially could.

All of that to say, that I put together a nice little plan for the day before I turned the light out last night. Okay, part of that plan consisted of having keys to drive my car.

So here was the plan

7:30-8:30--"wake up time," this consists of cuddling, breakfast, the Today Show, and Praise Baby
8:30-10:00--Diet Coke from Sonic and a trip to Publix
10:00-11:00--clean the kitchen, Ada plays
11:00--12:00--lunch, play time, Sesame Street
12:00-2:00--rest time for everyone
2:30-3:30--Ada's wake up time (she is very cranky when she first wakes up, and I have to be very careful how we handle that first hour. It mostly consists of her cuddled up in my lap, and we talk to each other and to her stuffed animals that she holds in her lap. We usually read books, and finally, she is ready to get on with her day)

Okay, so that is the plan that takes us to when Scott gets home. Well, at 9:00, I still hadn't located the keys to the Tribute, and it looked like Ada and I were going to be stuck at home once again. So, I stopped, and I prayed a prayer that went a bit like this, "Lord, you are sovereign, even in small things like this. You know that I have been at home for several days now, you know that I need to go to the grocery store, and you know that my emotions are a bit shaky right now. My desire is to find the keys. Can you help me? If not, can you help me be okay with spending another day in the house." Well, sure enough, about 30 seconds later I found the keys buried under some pillows on the love seat. This may seem like a small thing to you--it wasn't to me.

Okay, so then we go to Publix, where I tried to load the grocery cart with lots of fresh, healthy foods. (Another goal of mine is to revamp our eating habits, but I will talk more about that later). Things went well for a grocery trip with Ada, and we got home, and got back on schedule. The kitchen is clean, Ada had a healthy lunch that consisted of yogurt and apples and blueberries (much better than the boxed macaroni and cheese that she ate yesterday), and she even let me feed her some of it, so the mess was kept to a minimum. It really is remarkable what satisfaction I find when I really treat my role as Ada's mom as a job that needs to be done well.

I am thankful today because I feel like the Lord is hearing my heart and showing me very practical ways that I can get my job done in a way that is glorifying to him. I often feel like the job description isn't super clear, and He didn't have to provide a day like today. I know it sounds simple, but I am thankful for a good day.


Rachel said...

Wow, God is so good! You have reminded me that the Lord cares about the desires of our heart- however small and insignificant we think they are. To Him, nothing is small and insignificant! Thanks so much for blessing me today!

ann said...

I love when something is missing and you finally stop and pray about it. (Unfortunately it is usually one of the last things I do rather than the first). When/if God chooses to show it to me (which He usually does)- I always feel like it speaks to me in such an intimate way and like He is saying He care about even the tiniest details of my life.

On a much more superficial note-did you watch LOST last night????