Saturday, May 30, 2009

My latest money making venture

I say latest, but actually I have been doing it for a few months, and I think it's time to share the info. with you.

Have you ever seen those ads that say something like, "You're the winner. Click here for a $500 gift card to Chili's." They are pop-up ads, so I have always naturally assumed it was junk mail, and I never gave it a second thought.

That is until, I came across this blog. Carrie at Money Saving Methods has figured out a way to make these offers actually worth your time. Still, even after reading all of her advice, I was very skeptical. It just seemed too risky. But then both Jessica and Tutti decided to try it, and it worked!!!! So I jumped on the bandwagon.

So far, I have made 1,000.00 from doing these offers, in the form of two separate Visa gift cards, and I have a $500 Ikea gift card on its way. We used the first gift card to pay for our expenses on the beach trip, and I am using the latest gift card to buy groceries. We are then applying the unused grocery money to our debt snowball.

I have hesitated to blog about this because I don't even know how to explain all the details of how this works, but I know that it does. I have the money in my pocket to prove it. Carrie does an excellent job of walking you through the steps, and I highly suggest that you check. it. out!!!


Amanda said...

so interesting? And there is no "catch"??

LB said...

Amanda--there is some investment involved. And you have to read the terms and conditions carefully. The catch is this--you have to sign up for 8 different offers--things like, free credit check or poractiv face wash, and it usually costs a little bit out of pocket. Then you can cancel the offers, and you will still be approved for the gift card. With the first gift card that I did, I spent at the most 50.00 out of pocket, but I received 500--so 450 in profit, not bad!! Like I said, Carrie over at Money Saving Methods does a great job of walking you through the process. If you really are interested, we can talk more on our way to the beach.