Saturday, May 9, 2009

Changes are happening around our house

Decorating changes, that is. (Not the kind of changes that I wish I could report).

Last night, in an impulsive move, I bought a gallon of Benjamin Moore pale smoke paint, and Scott and I painted the foyer walls. Tonight we plan to paint the wall behind the couch. That is, if we have enough paint after doing the second coat in the foyer. We will probably spend the next few weekends painting a wall at a time until it is done. After being stuck inside a lot this week due to rain and a car in the shop, I decided that I couldn't take it any more, I had to whip this living room into shape. Pale Smoke is on the walls above. It looks a bit grayer in our living room because we don't have this much light coming in. (taken from Decor Pad)

After the painting is done, I have decided to hang my maps behind the couch. I have one of New York City and one of England, the two places I wish I could visit on a weekly basis. (Okay, truth be told, I wish I could live in New York, but McDonough will do for now). The couch is moved out from the wall as we prepare to paint, and after seeing it away from the wall, Scott and I agree that we definitely need a sofa table to go behind the couch. I plan to spend the next few weeks pouring over Craigslist for a super cheap table that will work there.

I am going to put Sarah's painting over the fire place, and I am going to move the mirror that is currently over the fire place to the wall where I now have a gallery of Ada photos. Hopefully, by summer's end, our living room will finally be complete. Of course I will post "after" pictures when it is all said and done.


Kate Rhodes said...

laura beth, i really like the paint color! hope to see it soon!

Kate Rhodes said...

hey... so i really liked the website you referenced... decor pad. so i posted this afternoon and put several pictures from the site! sorry to copy you. although, i am not actually using these pictures for any house... except possibly my bedroom next year, but they just are pretty to look at! i have a feeling i will be posting a lot more now that i am at home and have more time on my hands. haha.