Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My mess of a girl

I feel like there is much to say about Ada these days. Warning--this could be boring for non-family members. Bear with me or skip altogether;)

She is so very two and independent. Everything, everything, everything is, "I do it." This includes opening the car door, climbing into the seat, and buckling the seat belt. She wants to walk everywhere, and we are really having to reinforce holding hands in busy places. She wants to feed herself everything, which makes yogurt, pasta, and applesauce very messy. She is asking ten million questions a day--what happened, what's that, who's that, what are you doing, where are we going, etc. etc....and she asks these things over and over and over. Sometimes I turn the question around and say, "you tell me, where are we going," and she likes to answer. She continues to be one big ball of energy. She would rather run than walk, or better yet, jump. She likes to squat down and give a big jump as she says, "boink!!" very loudly. She loves going to Publix for the cookie and Kroger for the balloon. She is learning her colors and letters, but we haven't even begun shapes. She still loves dogs and Curious George and Elmo, but her new favorite television character is Caillou. I promise we don't sit around and watch television all day. We do watch George while she eats breakfast, and we watch Elmo's world (the last half of Sesame Street) while she eats lunch. Those are the two constants. She is eating much better, and the bathroom issue seems to have worked itself out (thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord!!) She loves her babies. She rocks them and whispers, "shh, shh, shh" in their ear. A new favorite game is, "night, night," where she puts me to bed. I love this game. I just have to lie there and say, "Ada, where are you?" when I wake up. I never have to get up as long as she still wants to play the game. It's great for tired days. She is quick to correct you if she thinks you are wrong about something. For example, if I tell her that her name is Ada Elizabeth Moore, she says, "no, mommy, I'm Ada Moore." And she laughs as if I am so silly. She is very into pretend. For example, when we are playing night, night, she will say, "you want animals?" and she brings me a shoe or a medicine bottle or whatever is lying around and that is my stuffed animal. She is so much fun, and as I was bathing her last night, I reminded myself how quickly two years passed by. I am well aware that there will be moments with newborn John that will seem endless. Will we get sleep again? Will he ever stop crying? You know, those newborn things that go on. And all I will have to do is look at Ada, and hopefully I will cherish those early days because they pass so quickly, don't they?

We recently had a two year photo session with Cindy Stansberry, who also took Ada's picture last fall. I can't say enough good things about Cindy. She is so talented and so affordable. I also can't mention her with mentioning my friend Tiffany. Either of these women is an excellent photographer choice if you live in the south Atlanta area. Trust me. They're great.

Here is Ada last year from the photo shoot,
And Ada this year Of course more of these photos will show up on the Christmas card, so I don't want to share them all:)

That's my girl. I am so thankful for her little life.


Amanda said...

Ada really is growing into a beautiful little girl. Not just a baby anymore! Those pictures were incredible. She has the most gorgeous red hair and eye! Great pictures. Can't wait to get the C'mas card :)

Rachel said...

What amazing pictures! I peeked at her website to see the rest of them, and you look beautiful! Pregnancy agrees with you- you are glowing, and I LOVE Ada's dress :)