Sunday, January 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It's nearing the midnight hour, and Scott and Ada are both sound asleep. I need to head that way as well because tomorrow morning is my first morning of waking up before the rest of the household. I guess that's the life of a mom, right? The last to go to bed, the first to wake up.

The good news is the sink is clean, the dishwasher is loaded, and there are plenty of bottles of water chilling in the fridge. I am ready to get going with 2009.

Quickly, though, I need to type out the week's menu to keep us on schedule. Most of this is made up from what we have in the pantry and fridge, so there are no real recipes. I will be back tomorrow to provide the recipes that I do have.

Monday--chicken in vodka sauce over angel hair pasta (all of the items in this meal were BOGO at some point. The chicken from Kroger this past week, the pasta from Publix today, and the Vodka sauce from Publix the week before Christmas)

Tuesday--Steak fajitas (steak was marked down at Kroger for quick sale. I love to buy the marked down meat because it's still good as long as I either cook or freeze it the day I buy it. Taco Bell dinner kits were BOGO at Publix)

Wednesday--creamy chicken, rice, and broccoli (all of this is made from what is already in my pantry. The chicken is a Kraftfoods recipe. I will post it tomorrow. I haven't ever made it, but it looks good, and I have all of the ingredients on hand)

Thursday--16 bean soup and cornbread (in the pantry already. I will link to this recipe later)

Friday everything starts over.

Lunches--leftovers, ham sandwiches and chips

Breakfast--slim fast bars (my favorite breakfast, and there are sales everywhere thanks to the weight loss resolutions flying about), oatmeal breakfast cookies, peanut butter and crackers

snacks--chex mix (BOGO + coupons=I got four bags for about a quarter each), popcorn, and whatever else we might find in the pantry.

For lots and lots of great menu ideas check out Organizing Junkie.


Bethany said...

Good job and good luck tomorrow with waking up! I am obviously still up and just looked around my house...still a wreck! But, I am waking up early tomorrow because I am nannying for a 10 year old and of course my own little sweetie. Meal plan sounds great!!

Elizabeth said...

Very nice menu this week.I love vodka sauce.I will have to add it to my rotatiopn.Have a wonderful week.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a yummy week! I love any type of mexican food.

I do also love the new blog makeover! I also am a sahm that is struggling with everyday life and how to manage it. Thank you for sharing and being so open, it helps to know I am not alone!

The Noonan's said...

I love flylady - though I haven't been so good at making it routine since the kids came I have implemented the 15 minute rule (it's amazing how much you can get done in 15 minutes of cleaning even when you are dead dog tired). It is amazing how having a made bed can change your day - it atleast gives me a place besides the floor to put all of those clothes I need to fold!! OH - one other thing I heard over the holidays and you may be able to share this on you blog when we get all the info - military families overseas can use expired coupons on the military bases. I think you can send your coupons to the american legion here and they will get the coupons to them - we'll have to figure it out and help the troops by sending all our expired or unused coupons. have a good week -

Rona's Home Page said...

I'm usually the first to wake up in my household. I suffer from severe chronic pain which wakes me up early. I enjoy the quiet time to watch the news, read or do some blog visiting.
You have a terrific menu planned. Lots of variety.